TEN: The Enthusiast Network is the leading producer of automotive enthusiast content via their StudioTEN content creation studio. The original programming team conceives, produces, and aligns branded content initiatives organically with TEN’s automotive enthusiast audience. StudioTEN’s Original Programming team has produced over 1,800 long- and short-form videos distributed over a variety of platforms including, most notably, subscription VOD on Motor Trend OnDemand and the over 5 million subscribers to the Motor Trend YouTube Channel, which recently surpassed 1.4 billion total video views.













Original Programming

Hold onto your lugnuts! Ride along with HOT ROD’s David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan on ROADKILL, as the dynamic duo go in search of their next gearhead adventure in all types of gassers, ‘barely-legal’ street machines and highly strung performance vehicles.

Everyone loves a contest and Head 2 Head tells it like it is–with personality, opinion and perspective. Watch as Pony Cars, exotics and luxury makes are pitted against each other in a no-holds barred fight for supremacy in every episode.

Dirt Every Day showcases the 4×4 lifestyle, sharing off-roading know-how, tech upgrades and adventures in various trucks, Jeeps, buggys and go-anywhere machinery. Whether racing or rockcrawling, mud bogging or overland camping–get ready to hit the dirt!

The Racing Line is Motor Trend’s performance driving series that is hosted by pro driver and Motor Trend hot shoe Randy Pobst! Prepare to be educated on the finer points of competition and come along for the ride as Randy hits the racetrack to teach you the fundamentals of driving fast!

Ignition puts you in the driver’s seat of the automotive world’s latest car, truck and SUV offerings, courtesy of Motor Trend. Watch as our team of experts throttles, track tests and pushes the limits of these vehicles to harness their full capability.

Engine Masters features engine-to-engine shootouts and aftermarket parts testing. Developed from the popular Engine Masters Challenge – a dyno shootout event, Engine Masters brings expert advice and opinion where the results are proven.

HOT ROD Garage is the ultimate, hands-on car aficionado’s workshop show. From paint & body repair to engine swaps, HOT ROD Garage is full of the tips, tricks and know-how that you’ve come to expect from the crew at HOT ROD Magazine.