The Enthusiast Network distributes content to the largest automotive and outdoor enthusiast audience in the world. True to our name, our network spans across hot rodders, racers, tinkerers, surfers, bikers, and snowboarders, just to name a few. But the TEN mindset is not just about bringing the content to the enthusiasts… TEN creates content for the enthusiasts in the language of enthusiasts.

Welcome to StudioTEN, the content creation division of TEN.

Utilizing a unique hybrid model designed to meet the ever-changing relationships between brands and their consumers, our unified team of marketers, producers, directors, artists, and strategists live under one roof and create work across all content disciplines. This model allows for conceptual continuity, fiscal economies of scale, and authentic connectivity to the most influential of automotive and outdoor players.

From ideation and production to post, finishing, and distribution, everything we do is in service to executing your digital and social strategies to the highest of standards.

Jerry Solomon

Managing Director StudioTEN

Bobby Akin

SVP, Original Content & Motorsports

Mike Suggett

VP, Executive Producer     S10 Originals

Mike Ruiz

Group Creative Director     StudioTEN

Levi Rugg

Creative Director                  S10 Originals

Julia Smart

Head of Production               S10 Originals

Alex Gorodetzki

VP, Business Development StudioTEN

Jared Libitsky

Director of Production StudioTEN

Duane Sempson

Director of Post                       S10 Originals